Interior Design

Design & Build’s interior design team add the finishing touches to a property that make it truly spectacular. We pride ourselves on exploring and perfecting the finer details, designing custom lighting schemes, wall coverings, perfecting kitchen and bathroom layouts and selecting paint colours and treatments. We also have supplier agreements which assist us in sourcing furniture, soft furnishings and artwork.

We at Design & Build hold the belief that holistic design is essential to the success of any project. By combining skills from our teams of interior and architectural designers, we create fusions between clean architectural lines, textures and soft furnishings with an overriding emphasis on elegant, exciting materials that add depth and detail to a project.

Our interior designers aim to bring a range of ideas into a coherent design approach for clients. Our ethos is to design beautiful, yet comfortable spaces.

Creative Ideas

We guide our clients through the design process of interior design, assisting with layouts and finishes, with the right materials for each project. Getting this right is vital to your enjoyment of a home and will ultimately also improve the saleability of the property too.

We will present our ideas to you using a variety of media, including hand sketches, material and mood boards, and 2d/3d mock-ups.

This fine level of consultation and detail is what takes a home from good to great.

Sourcing of Products and Suppliers

There is a vast array of products for interiors. Often times a confusing number of options, from paints and tiles to wall coverings, flooring, bathroom furniture, and everything in between. Our many years of experience and the relationships we have built, enable us to take some of the challenge our of choosing the right products and suppliers. We utilise this knowledge at every stage of the interior design process and when working with our Architect colleagues too.


We provide the technical detail on products, including flooring, tiling, sanitary-ware and electrical items, that enables our architectural team to deliver a full package of drawings and information for our clients. This joined-up approach helps our clients to make informed decisions about the products to specify and the contractors to work with. This helps our clients to achieve a beautiful home every time.

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